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Why More Baby Boomers Are Taking Up Sports

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Find out what sports baby boomers are increasingly taking up to keep fit.

These days, baby boomers are not shying away from sports just because of of their age – instead they are increasingly picking up sporty activities to stay active and fit. Furthermore, there are a range of sports that do not require you to have great physical strength or be a professional at it.

Here are some popular baby boomer-friendly sports:



A favourite sport across all ages, cycling is especially popular among boomers. Not only do you get to enjoy some leisurely fun outdoors, it’s also an easy way to stay active. As a cardiovascular sport, regular cycling helps with heart health and improves general muscle function without much risk of strain. Best of all, cycling is an inexpensive sport and doesn’t require a high level of skill to get your fill of exercise – it’s no wonder it’s a popular sport among boomers.



Swimming is one of the most popular sports among boomers because it’s easier on the joints as compared to other aerobic exercises like jogging. Keep your heart healthy when you get your heart rate up with this simple and effective sport which also serves as a great stress-reliever and mood-booster. Swimming also helps add flexibility and tones your muscles at the same time. There’s definitely no excuse to be unfit!


yoga gold

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be extremely flexible to practice yoga. But if you practice it well, you might just be stronger and more flexible than someone in their 20s. Many baby boomers are turning to yoga studios for stress-relief – and of course to stay active while at it. Focusing on balance, strength and flexibility, yoga is increasingly popular among boomers due to its low-impact qualities. The focus on breathing also helps you feel better and more at peace with yourself overall. Find out more about yoga and its benefits to boomers here.



While many boomers might reject running due to the potential injuries involved, it’s no surprise that it still remains a common sport among many active boomers. Cardio benefits aside, running helps to slow down the effects of ageing and has positive effects on one’s mental health. If you’re worried about the risks involved, you can still manage them by cutting down on your mileage, taking more rest days in between, and warming up before your runs. There’s no such thing as being too old to run!



This challenging sport has surprisingly remained popular among boomers today. Besides its evident aerobic and cardiovascular benefits, tennis also requires one to be agile and alert. This is especially great for boomers who want to keep their minds active and stay physically fit at the same time. A game of competitive tennis can help you burn more calories than aerobics and cycling, keeping you flexible and improves your hand-eye-coordination. Nevertheless, do take precaution that with a demanding sport, injuries are bound to occur. Do practice the sport only if you’ve been trained to do it properly.

With all these popular sports that boomers are increasingly participating in, there’s no reason why you should avoid them! Not all sports are physically demanding but they all have one thing in common – to keep you healthy, fit and strong. Do consult your doctor first before you start picking up a sport.




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