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Sticking to a Healthy Eating Diet

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Eating healthy is achievable if you put your mind to it

Going on a diet is not a permanent solution to weight loss. Instead, it is best to maintain a healthy diet to keep your body fit and stay in shape. However, it requires a lot of effort to cultivate such a “healthy eating” lifestyle on a regular basis.

Here are some tips to help you persevere and achieve your dieting goals:

Set goals and motivation

Be realistic about it if you are intent on changing your diet for the better. Have you always wanted a beach body? Are you trying to fit into that short of yours? Think of the reasons why you want to embark on this journey to push yourself even harder.

Eating healthy doesn’t only help you to lose weight but it also makes you feel better inside out. Having the right motivation also helps you to stay focus on your meal choices.

Take it slow

Don’t make drastic changes in your diet as your body needs time for adaptation. Always take one step at a time. Start small by asking replacing chips with fruits, sweet drinks with plain water or opt for brown rice instead of white rice. You can eventually get rid of your unhealthy eating habits once you are used to such changes.

Say no to fad diets

There are a lot of programs out there claiming how they helped people to lose weight in just a couple of days. Though it may sound promising, such diets will do your body no good. Majority of the weight lost is water weight, which is gained back easily. Fad diets may also take a toll on your body due to the lack of nutrients, resulting in discomfort and illnesses.

Choose food that you love

It is hard to stick to a healthy diet if you feel pressurised to eat food that you dislike. If you are not an oatmeal person, substitute with other healthy grains such as brown rice. Picking your favourite ingredients would not be a chore especially when there’s a variety of items to choose from in the supermarket.

Do not overeat

It’s alright to indulge once in a while but stop eating when you feel like your stomach is 80% full. This allows you to keep your calories in check and prevents diseases such as cancer.

Grab a bite before you leave

Before leaving for your appointments, make sure you satisfy your hunger with a healthy snack or meal so that you will not cave into food temptations easily. You can also cut down on your expenses when you dine at home.

Don’t starve yourself

Starvation will only cause you to crave for food rich in carbs. Avoid this by eating on time and munching on healthy snacks in between meals. Besides being the most important meal of the day, a healthy breakfast is also crucial in enhancing your work performance.

Minimize eating out

Home cooked food is always the best as compared to restaurants. You get to control the amount of fat and salt consumed as well as limiting the number of sweet drinks purchased.

As for snacks, you can always chew on fresh fruits instead of chips and soda. Avoid eating canned fruits as they contain more sugar than the fresh ones.

Choose healthy

Of course, eating out is inevitable especially when you have certain cravings to satisfy. However, you can still stay on the heathy eating route by choosing the healthier options on the menu. This will help you to avoid feeling guilty as you eat.


Eating healthily isn’t enough. Make sure to exercise regularly  to trim down the carbs and reduce your body fats. If you think you’ve been having too many cheat meals, don’t hesitate to go out, exercise and burn it off.



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