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Power Walk The Calories Away

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Walking is an effective exercise that can help to lose fats and tone the body. Here are some tips on shedding those pounds quickly.

Besides going on a diet, exercise is also critical to improve your overall fitness. It is essential for health maintenance and crucial if you are aiming for weight loss. Power walking is not that difficult as you can do it anywhere.

Did you know that power walking burns the same amount of fats as jogging? For this to happen, you must power walk the right way.

Tips to Power Walk

  1. When you start this exercise, prepare yourself to walk at the speed of 4 to 8 km/h (kilometres per hour). Don’t worry about injuring your joints as one foot should always be in contact with the ground. Once you integrate power walking or various exercises into your lifestyle, alternate your workouts so that your body will not become accustomed to it. This prevents your fitness stagnating in the long run.
  2. Of course, you must always walk with comfortable walking shoes to avoid straining your legs or foot. Do not walk with tight fitting shoes as it might cause pain, discomfort and even injuries such as blisters. Look for shoes that are lightweight and flexible for you to walk in.
  3. If you are power walking for the first time, make sure to stroll comfortably for 5 to 10 minutes as your warm up. Once you think that your body is ready to pick up the pace, go ahead and challenge yourself mentally and physically.
  4. Look forward while striding naturally and make sure your heel lands first on the ground. Be careful not to over-stride as you shift your weight forward.
  5. If you want to tone your abs, suck in your abdominal muscles so that your abs are contracted and supports your spine. You can also tighten your glutes while power walking.
  6. Stay balanced by swinging your arms naturally yet close to your body. It is not recommended to use hand weights when power walking as your upper body may be strained. Slower down your pace if you want to include hand weights in your exercise.
  7. When you are facing difficulty in picking up the pace, you can always pretend that you are running late for your appointments. This mindset will help you to power walk efficiently as if you’re rushing for time. Make sure to power walk effectively while staying cautious to your surroundings.

Make Power Walking a Habit

Of course, any form of exercise wouldn’t do you any good if you are not consistent or make it a habit. Stay healthy and fit by cultivating exercising as part of your daily routine. It’s pretty manageable to burn your carbs just by staying active!

Feel free to walk more than twice a week. You can start by exercising for at least 30 minutes a day and increase the duration once your body is able to cope with the pace.

From uphill to flat ground, switch up your choice of terrains if you wish to challenge yourself. Different terrains will help your body workout more effectively.



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