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ASICS Opens New Running Speciality Store

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ASICS has recently opened a new running specialty store at Suntec City.

This specialised boutique with the ASICS FOOT ID System makes it the seventh store in addition to the existing ASICS stores at Changi City Point, Marina Square, The Paragon, Velocity@Novena Square and Westgate.

Located at the newly revamped Suntec City Mall, the ASICS STORE SUNTEC CITY boutique spans 1,615 square feet and with the spaciousness presents a comprehensive spectrum of footwear for the new ‘Mix Up Your Run’ concept, allowing runners to explore the various running terrains that range from the smooth concrete pavements to the uneven forest trails, and with that in mind accompanied by the brand’s diverse range of running footwear and expert equipment for athletes and enthusiasts.

The technologically-advanced ASICS FOOT ID System found in the newly opened boutique store at Suntec City is the first in Singapore, and the system offers static and dynamic measurements, including foot shape analysis and gait cycle analysis. The ASICS FOOT ID static measures the shape of one’s feet, while the ASICS FOOT ID dynamic analyses one’s gait while running. This helps runners find the most suitable shoes for optimum performance.

Additionally, running enthusiasts can join the ASICS Running Club, hosted at ASICS STORE SUNTEC CITY, for their weekly Wednesday runs that cater to runners of all levels, covering a range of distances at different paces.

You can visit the newly opened ASICS STORE SUNTEC CITY at 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-476, Suntec City Mall.




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