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Easy Ways to Exercise in the Office

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Does your job require you to sit the whole day? If so, exercise to help stretch and keep your heart rate up in the office. 

Sitting in-front of your computer for hours  is bad for your body, especially if you are trying to maintain an active lifestyle. Growing in your career shouldn’t conflict with achieving your fitness goals. Excuses are never welcome as soon as you’ve started your journey to health and wellness.

Here are some tips to help you be more active at work while keeping to the desk job:

Don’t let your body feel stiff all throughout the day by doing stretches from time to time. This should ease your muscles and keep your neck from straining. There are different stretching exercises out there which you can do right in your own work station.

Skip the Lift
Instead of using the elevator, try using the stairs instead to give you a little cardio as you go up and down the building. Doing this helps burn calories and gets your heart rate pumped up at the same time. Who needs to use the elevator when you can get to your floor using the staircase?

Stand Up
Stand up from your desk from time to time whenever you can. You can also work for a few minutes while standing up if your workplace doesn’t forbid it. At the same time, forget about the chairs when taking coffee breaks—feel free to chat with your colleagues over a cup of coffee while standing up.

Wall Push-Ups
This is pretty easy since you can do this during your short breaks. You simply have to find a wall to support your body and do push-ups as much as you can. Doing this tones your arms and makes your core stronger at the same time.

Tricep Dips
You only need a stable chair or table to be able to do this kind of exercise. Sit on the edge of the desk and hold on to the edges. Do some squats by pulsing your knees and legs while allowing your arms to raise you up. This should be fine to keep your arms stronger in the long run.

There are other kinds of exercises you can do in the office. As long as you have the willpower to do so, your workplace and hectic schedule should not become an excuse.



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