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Dieting vs. Exercise

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Find out which is more efficient for a healthy lifestyle

It is well known that a well-balanced diet complements exercise when it comes to being healthy and staying fit. However, depending on your goals, it is important to know which to prioritise in order to achieve the best results.

Nonetheless, exercise and diet should always be a top priorities if you are seeking to foster a healthier lifestyle. As individuals have different fitness goals, find out which should you prioritise when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle.

Losing Weight

If your goal is to lose weight, it’s better to prioritise your diet. Losing body fat is easier if you watch what you eat while keeping your workout sessions at a minimum. To prevent building a strong physique, increase your consumption of lean meat as well.

It is recommended to count your calories intake including fat, carbs and protein. There are several calorie counters on Google such as MyFitness Pal to keep track of the calories. To find out the amount of calories that you need per day, you can store information such as your height, weight and metabolic rate. This helps to give an accurate amount of calories that you should not exceed.

Building Muscles

If you have been active for some time and would like to build muscles, you’d probably have to focus more on exercise and lifting weights. Stick to a protein-based diet, which helps to buff your body up. You could afford cheat meals once in a while as long as you keep up with intense workouts and consistent weight training. Lift free weights instead of compound lifts and machines so that you are able to stabilise your muscles while maintaining a strong and lean body. You may even approach your weight trainers at the gym for better advice or a workout flow.

Fitness Beginners

For this category, it is ideal to focus on both diet and exercise at the same time. Start slow with your workout sessions by going for a run or swim. Slowly increase the intensity to constantly challenge your body. Do not be in a hurry to purchase machines or equipment until you are confident and committed to staying active.

Remember to listen to your body and don’t push too hard over your limit. You might lose your momentum if you have to take a break due to an injury.

Start your healthy diet by getting rid of your junk food or unhealthy snacks at home and office. Choose healthy options when eating out or during grocery shopping. Abstain from food that are high in sugar or calories. You can also plan your meals ahead of time so that you will not give in to cravings.

Resist following diet fads as it only shows you temporary results. You will gain back the amount of weight that you’ve lost once you resume your normal or typical eating habits.

Consume sufficient fruits and vegetables as well as water to stay hydrated. With fast food restaurants and instant food found everywhere, it is indeed a challenge to maintain clean eating. Always remember that mind over matter. If you are determined to start living healthier, you will do so at all cost.



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