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Lose Weight by Walking in Place

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Transform your comfort zone into a source of motivation for exercise

Besides heading to the gym or swimming pool for your workout routines, you can also exercise indoors and burn an equivalent amount of calories. If your home does not have a big enough space for you to exercise, here are some tips to for you to exercise within a small area:

Walk in place while watching your favourite TV show

Instead of lying down to watch your favourite series, make the best out it by walking in place. Not only could you start being active, you could also catch up on your drama series. Make sure to create sufficient space before doing your workout. You can walk in place during commercials, providing you at least 12-24 minutes of cardio time.

Incorporate aerobic exercises while you walk in place

Don’t limit yourself to walking. Throw in different exercises such as bicep curls, shoulder presses, arm exercises and triceps kickback. These exercises help you to burn more calories, increase your stamina while tightening your muscles at the same time.

Vary your pace

Walking in place doesn’t mean that your pace remains stagnant throughout. Increase the intensity of it by walking at a fast pace for the first few minutes, then slow down to a regular pace for four to five minutes.

Switching the intensity of your walking pace could burn 50 extra calories. If you want to challenge your body further, add several leg exercises such as butt kicks and high knees.

Plan a walking schedule

By planning a walking schedule, you could motivate yourself to work out while adjusting to the implementation of exercise sessions in your lifestyle.

If you have a hectic schedule, go for walks before breakfast or in the evening after your work. Do not be tempted to skip work outs especially when you are going to walk in place. Not only does walking in place saves time, it also minimises the risk of you injuring yourself on uneven pavements.

Make use of the stairs

Besides using the stairs to get to your apartment, you could also make use of it in your exercise routines. Walk from the first to the top floor for a few rounds. You could also do lunges while walking up or stretch your muscles when coming down.

This helps to burns calories as you are working your legs and body. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings so that you would not fall from the stairs easily.

Wear walking or running shoes

Be it walking indoors or outdoors, wear the appropriate exercise gear to stay motivated during the routines. It can also protect your legs or ankles from getting strained or injured. Wearing the right training gear would also allow you to excel in your workouts, letting you achieve your goals efficiently.

No matter where you do your exercise routines, be effective in your workout routines and you will see your results in no time.



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