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How to Stick to an Exercise Routine

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Here are some exercise routine tips to keep you motivated day-in, day-out. 

Exercising regularly isn’t quite easy as you’d like it to be. The first few weeks of your exercise routine will be difficult, since your body is not used to regular physical activity. Here’s how you can mentally motivate and encourage yourself to keep with the new routine:

  1. Keep Going

No matter how hard it is to wake up early, change your lifestyle and eat clean, you’ll have to convince yourself that these changes are needed if you really want to see positive results in the long run. It’s normal for your body to feel sore after trying out a new exercise routine —keep going and don’t just stop there. The pain you’re feeling is just all in your mind and remember that all your efforts will pay off in the (near) future.

  1. Think of Your Goals

The reason why you’re working out could be due to multiple factors in your life. It’s possible that you want a new you, a new life, perhaps to fit into new clothes or possibly to get fit again at a later age. Whatever the reason may be, make sure you are doing this for the right reasons. Knowing how you take care of your body gives you a sense of confidence that other activities cannot give you.

  1. Make It Fun

Believe it or not, working out is fun and enjoyable if you allow it to be. You can always work out with your friends or ask someone to sweat it out with you. Don’t limit yourself to just one exercise routine or workout programme — mix it up from time to time as long as your body is able to handle it. If it helps, set up an up-tempo playlist to listen to as you burn calories, or to keep your mood pumped throughout the session.

Remember to focus on your goal and you’ll see positive results very soon!



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